About Us: PW Bogg
Where All Our Hobbies Will Grow On You! (sm)

Welcome to PW Bogg!

Founded in 2013, www.pwbogg.com is a hobbyist's and artisan's dream located in beautiful Abilene, Kansas. From Needlework to Food Craft, Apiary tending to Woodworking, Sewing, Quilting, Jewelry, and more, we've got your hobby supply needs covered. PW Bogg has thousands of items from all your favorite brand names and we add more new items to our catalog nearly every day!

We love our customers, and it shows! We are a small family owned business where the 'Golden Rule' applies. Quick, dependable, well-priced service is what we're all about. whether you're a casual craftsman, a group or club leader, or even a professional artisan; our goal is to serve you with the same integrity and sense of purpose we expect from others.

We love our location at the end of the historic Chisholm Trail you may have seen in a lot of the old western movies. Abilene is the boyhood home of former President Eisenhower and the location of his Presidential Library and Museum. Being located here gives us a great advantage as we are central to all 48 contiguous US states making shipping easy and fast.

We keep it light-hearted and fun around here, stress and creativity don't usually go well together. If you happen to speak to us on the phone, don't be surprised if you hear a sudden bark. It's only our friendly 'Lab-ra-dork-a-saurus' known as 'Jasper.' (Shown below in his 'thinking' pose.) He can frequently be found napping under a desk or just wandering around checking out any of the slightest movements and sounds in the offices and warehouse. He is absolutely certain that he helps each of us in all our endeavors whenever possible.

We look forward to serving you and adding you to our Satisfied Customers List very soon! Be sure to join us today on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/pwbogg

PW Bogg
801 NW 2nd Street

Abilene, KS 67410
Ph: (785) 380-9737

Jasper the over-worked office lab-ra-dork-a-saurus